SPA and swimming pool treatment

Product Informations

  • Destroys biofilms
  • Effective over wide pH ( 4 to 11)
  • Biodegradability in the environment
  • Prevents trihalomethanes (THM's) and bromate formation
  • No skin and eyes irritations; no allergies
  • Physiotherapy swimming pool treatment.
  • It is less corrosive than chlorine
  • “all in one” no other product needed for treatment.
  • No bad smell like chlorine and no taste
  • Disinfects pipes and sand filters
  • Not corrosive against the pumps and equipment
  • Hot water use allowed ( 79º Celsius)

In swimming pools, the most obvious and instantaneous signs of high exposure to chemicals are red eyes, rashes and other skin irritations. The dosages of THMs (carcinogenic waste of chlorine) far exceed what is considered allowable by merely drinking a glass of chlorinated tap water.

Chlorine by-products found in swimming pools are linked to higher incidences of asthma, lung damage, stillbirths, miscarriages and bladder cancer, according to credible research conducted in the U.S., Canada, Norway, Australia and Belgium. Pooltab offer an real efficient answer. Effective against a wide variety of bacteria, yeasts, viruses, fungi, protozoa, spores, molds, mildews, cryptosporidium, algae and is more potent than chlorine over a short contact time.

How to use it?

Put the tablets
in the pool
Wait for
30 minutes
Your pool is
ready for use

Biofilm pollution appears commonly in the swimming pool. Chlorine has no effect on biofilm, Pooltab can remove the biofilm easily. Pooltab releases chlorine dioxide gas. The term “chlorine dioxide” is misleading because chlorine is not the active element. Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizing, not a chlorinating agent. ClO2 penetrates the cell wall and reacts with amino acids and the cytoplasm within the cell, killing the microorganism, generating chlorite, by-product of this reaction, which is harmless to humans.

It is now included in many drinking water hygiene programs around the globe. This includes extensive studies by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and World Health Organization (WHO). Chlorine dioxide has been recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) as the most effective A1 disinfecting reagent. Its usage was approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environment Protection Agency (EPA). Its status is also seen in the Report of FAO Codex Alimentarius, Food additive details Chlorine Dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is approved and recommended by EPA as an environmental friendly drinking water additive to replace chlorine.

Pooltab is a stronger disinfectant than chlorine and chloramine. Ozone has great micro biocide effects, but limited residual disinfection capability. Concentration to be used: 1ppm for regular treatment and 4 ppm for chock treatment.

Product Lines

Pooltab 0.1 g 0.0035oz 0.8g 0.028oz 1g 0.035oz 20g 0.70oz
20 pills box
40 pills box
20 tablets bag
40 tablets bag
500 tablets bag
25 kg barrel
Not available

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