Industrial disinfection

Product Informations

  • Equipment disinfecting
  • Food and beverage installations disinfection
  • Livestock disinfection ( food contact allowed)
  • Hot water treatment allowed ( 79º Celsius)
  • Waste water disinfection
  • Effluents treatment
  • Bad odors control
  • Biofilm control
  • Not corrosive
  • Cooling tours application
  • CIP without rinse
  • biodegradability in the environment

How to use it?

Put 1 tablet into
250 liters of water
Let it dissolve for
3 minutes
The solution is
ready to use
Contact time:
20 minutes

Oxytab can be used as biocide in many industrial water treament applications including cooling , process water and mill water. Its selective oxidative properties usually results in lower dosages while also achieving improved microbial performance. Oxytab controls odor in two ways: by controlling microorganisms that form odor causing hydrogen sulfide and by destroying hydrogen sulfide odors through chemical oxidation. Using an odor scrubber, Oxytab solution may be added directly to the water containing the odorous compounds.

Food industry is a prime environment for buildup of microorganisms. Maintaining control is essential. Oxytab has been developed to be a solution with many applications. For CIP application, the concentrated is injected directly into a facility’s fluid distribution network and circulated for a set duration time. Compared to traditional chlorine chemicals or hot water, overall chemicals cost are reduced, sewage disposal costs are lowered or eliminated and system deterioration is diminished.

Chlorine dioxide versus others

Characters ClO² Chlorhexidine Chlorine/
Phenol Aldehyde NaOH Alcohol
Resistance to Organic Good Poor Poor Average Good Good Average
Hard-Water Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Temperature 5-79 ºC
41-174 ºF
No Decreased
below 43 ºC (109 ºF)
26-60 ºC
78-140 ºF
No No
PH Range No effect Alkaline Acidic Acidic No effect Alkaline No effect
Anion Soap
No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Activity of
No Yes No Yes No Yes No
Toxicity No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Damage to
No No Yes No Yes Yes No
Kill the Bacteria Yes Part Most Most Yes Most Most
Kill the Spores Yes Part Part No Yes Yes No
Kill the Viruses Yes No Part Part Yes Yes Part

Product Lines

Oxytab 0.1 g 0.0035oz 0.8g 0.028oz 1g 0.035oz 20g 0.70oz
20 pills box
40 pills box
20 tablets bag
40 tablets bag
500 tablets bag
25 kg barrel
Not available

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